How it Works

Prepaid Virtual Credit Card takes the hassle out of online transactions. It gives you the freedom to instantly spend when and where you want – in just a few clicks.


Prepaid Virtual Credit Card (PVCC) in 3 Easy Steps

  1. 1.Create an Instant Account:Use our fast online registration process to get your virtual card in few minutes.
  2. 2.Send Payments:Transfer money from your bank account or any other source mentioned in Payment Options.
  3. 3. Make purchases anywhere that accepts Credit Card:Use your Virtual Credit Card to make purchases online or by phone anywhere you see the Visa logo.

Features and Benefits

PVCC gives you an easy, safe way to pay online in the form of a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card. Instant card delivery to through email with all the information you need including 16 digit card number, Expiry Date & CV details.

It’s a high-performance online payment solution that empowers consumers and merchants to instantly send and receive money – in just a few clicks. Our Virtual prepaid credit cards give anyone the ability to make instant, less-restricted online payments.

Shop without sharing your financial details. All your information is protected by encryption.

PVCC Charges

  • Card Details Delivery : FREE
  • Online Transaction : FREE
  • Balance Confirmation : FREE
  • Currency Conversion & Bank Charges : 25%


Transaction Example / Procedure

If u wants to make payment of $100 by Credit Card first u have to convert the USD into PAK rupees through

Buying Rate only, then add 25% in this figure & send us Total amount through any one of Payment Options.

Once your payment has been confirmed u will be provided all the details of your PVCC through email.

NOTE: You may wish to confirm with the merchants first and inform them that this is a Prepaid Virtual Credit Card, issued in Malta and does not support AVS checking.