Terms & Conditions

The person who is willing to utilize the CCS from MOON CREATIONS must have to agreed upon all the Terms & Conditions which are mentioned below.

  • MOON CREATIONS offers its CREDIT CARD SERVICE only to facilitate people & nothing else.
  • Our CC can be used for submitting FEE or buying anything on Internet.
  • The Website must not be ill legal or offering services / products which are against the law of Pakistan.
  • The products u desired to purchase through CC must not be prohibited by the Customs Rules & regulations of Pakistan.
  • MOON CREATIONS is not responsible for any loss or claim, if any item is caught by the Customs at any place; it’s only the responsibility of the client.
  • ID card copy of the client is must for any kind of Transactions.
  • Complete 100% payment of desired Transaction must be paid to MOON CREATIONS before using this service.
  • Transaction can be made in major currencies i.e USD, Pounds, Euro, Yen etc.
  • We convert the amount on http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ & Client must have to pay the payment in PAK rupees as per conversion (Buying Rate) on Transaction date.
  • 25% as service charges (inclusive of 15% bank charges) will be charged by MOON CREATIONS.
  • Full payment in Advance & Nonrefundable.
  • MOON CREATIONS is not responsible for any miss use or Transaction failure in any case.
  • In case of any problem, decision can only be made once the Transaction is mentioned on CC Statement.
  • Client must agree upon all the T&C mentioned above before using CCS.